Frohmiller Construction Co.

123 State Rd.
W. Bath ME 04530
Historic Home Repair  ---  Wiscasset
When the owners, ( or should we say "stewards" ) of this fine 19th Century home in Wiscasset decided to repair the damage that time and mother nature had inflicted, they did their homework.
And we are proud to say that their decision was to  entrust Frohmiller Construction to handle the job.
Our reputation for providing the care and craftsmanship required for this type project is widespread, and every effort was made to ensure it's continuation.
The existing siding was carefully removed and the original sheething repaired as needed and covered with modern housewrap.
New siding was custom milled to replicate the original, as were the massive, solid, 4 by 8 inch window sills.
The same care was taken to match the exterior trim detail.
A few skillfully  applied coats of paint, and the final result would no doubt make the original homeowners ( as well as the  Historical Society )  proud !