Frohmiller Construction Co.

123 State Rd.
W. Bath ME 04530
Underground Home, Georgetown.
If you're going
to build an UNDERGROUND HOUSE...
the first thing you'll probably have to do is move some dirt...
Here, we have a
pair of "Cat Dozers" doing just that.
This is sure to
be an exciting
project with it's share of challenges
along the way.
Keep checking as we post more pics and comments on this very unique assignment .
Then you set the rebar to fortify all the walls and columns.
Lost of forms are set up.
Interior wall dividers are also reinforced to hold the weight of the roof which will be covered with soil.
Rigid foam lines the concrete to provide additional insulation and increase the "R" value.
Things are taking shape.
That's "A LOT" of concrete, and there is more to come.
Forms are removed and we can see the "rough" window and door openings.

  Note that there is more Rigid foam insulation "sandwiched" between the layers of concrete.
Workers are now preparing the roof for concrete as well.
Heavy Construction Phase....
That's A LOT of
Almost ready to pour !
With Snow arriving, exterior work will slow down for a while. But stay tuned !!
We'll post more photos as soon as progress is made.